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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dwell La Minx; My New Dwelling Unfinished

Welcome to the new Minxden! I thought I would share some more pictures of my new place, a place I can truly call home since I left my parent's nest several years ago! This is my nest, I am the queen of my castle!

Here is the living room, very big and spacious! my parakeet boys will be living in here.

Of course the minxden studio, I said before the walls will go from "1980's neon purple" to a bright cheery color of what is called "Banana Peel Yellow"...I will be spending 80% of my time in here.

Here is our bedroom...the color will change from Peach to a light blue...

Here is the laundry room/mud room, the color will change from a polar ice blue to a darker grass green, still working out the kinks of the exact color though...

Here's my kitchen!!! very big too! the color will be a slate grey!

And here is the lovely bathroom, the color will be a pink of some kind, not sure what shade to go with yet, I have always wanted a pink bathroom.

Hope you all have fun touring my new pad! just to forewarn my readers, the next 2-3 weeks my posts will be very few and far between since we are moving in 10 days, my internet will be shut off and I will have to go with a completely new and different internet provider, this may take a while...buh bye! (for now)

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Fallon said...

Well good luck and don't go too crazy with all the moving!