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Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Pillow Lady Facts! These Are Really In Depth!

AHHH!!! so my hubby disconnected the TV so I am now obviously going through a netflix withdrawal. So to cure my boredom, I will leave with you all some more really interesting facts about me, the pillow lady and creator of minxden!
1. I once had pink hair, my next color choice soon may become aqua!
2. I once choked on a biscuit when I was 8, but I was able somehow to swallow it.
3. I am currently considering joining a roller derby team, since I have over 20 years of roller skating experience under my all want to know my "bad girl roller derby name"? "Knitter The Hitter"! haha! love it!
4. I have fostered my first cat and love being a foster cat mom!
5. One of the last posts like these with previous facts, I stated that I was a surgeon's virgin (no surgeries performed on my body) well folks, I lost my surgery virginity last May with a cholesysectomy (gallbladder removal) I now have 4 small laproscopic scars along my torso and the biggest one is an inch long just inside my belly button.
6. My most favorite sushi food type is salmon roe! I love the texture and saltiness!
7. I am a closeted kawaii freak! I love all kawaii things since I was in high school, like hello kitty, kero keroppi, badtz maru, you name it!
8. I have made and sold over 1500 pillows in 3 years time for minxden!
9. my new favorite tea is oolong tea, aiding in my very sensitive digestion
10. I am no longer a night owl, I now can't stay up past midnight anymore.
11. I still don't eat my pizza crusts!
12. I have the phobias as follows: fear of snakes, mice, spiders, death, losing loved ones, and my biggest one which is called nictophobia- the fear of pitch blackness or the dark. sudden power outages at night is my absolute arch enemy!
13. I believe that cats that sleep next to you actually protect your dreams by giving you good ones. well i read that in a book.
14. seeing a black cat cross your path on any given day is bad luck, but i read that if a black cat is seen on a bride's wedding day then her marriage is destined to last a long time and full of good luck, and guess who saw a black cat on her wedding day? ME!!! It was a stray near the church where I got married! yay!
15. Grandfather clocks used to scare me when I was little.
16. My new dream vacation is Tokyo, Japan!
17. I have feet problems, every now and then my tendons get over stretched and I have to walk with a cane and a huge boot on whichever foot is giving me problems!
18. People have nick named me and my hubs "the next hank and peggy hill" because we physically resemble them both!
19. I love it more when my hubby grows a beard every november for "no-shave november" maybe it's because the men in my family have always been clean shaven.
20. If anyone sends me a card for any occasion, or a hand written letter, I save it and I have a huge box full of them!
21. I love to eat raw oysters on the half shell but i absolutely hate them cooked!