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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Snow White Lives In The Rugged Lands And She Makes Lavender Sachets!

The rains of early fall has arrived, cooling the air, making it easier to breathe in...things are slowly getting better, my cat is feeling better and stronger everyday. Her vomiting has subsided to just every now and then (and only furrballs) so she is keeping her food down, had many suggestions from family and friends on what to feed her, and everything is working in some way, along with the intense prayers rising up for her from at least 2 different states. My hubby bought some cat oat grass as suggested by my mom to see if that's what she wants to eat on the side, the grass is currently in it's growing phase, I may have a nice harvest in a few days to a week... My car is running fine too, so everything is sorting itself out, like what my nonie always told me "this too shall pass..." I am so super excited about what I have pictured here! any idea of what they are???

Well...these are something I made up on a whim, while writing a letter to my mom, I made one of these and thought, they could go great inside hand written letters! they are real small, only about 1 inch by 2 inches! and they are stuffed with a teeny tiny bit of Nebraskan lavender! You know how some people spritz their letters with their perfume/cologne? these tiny sachets are along those same one is on it's way to my mom, so I have decided I may have something great going here, so I produced 2 set of 8 to sell in MPD!

FEEDSACK FABRIC!!! found a yard of this at Simply Bungalow here in Lincoln, not sure what to do with this beautiful fabric yet, but another idea will come to mind I am sure!

The pink hair and blonde highlights were fun, but I got tired of them real fast, so I transformed myself into the "modern day Snow White" Jett black hair!!!!! I have never been happier with my hair until now, I never went this dark, but since my natural hair color is a dark brown, I think I can pull this off, plus my dad had black hair when he was younger, but I am just sick and tired of my brown hair, I always change myself like this on a whim...I may keep it like this for a while...I think my cats like it, they always want to sniff it and check it out! My hubby calls me his snow white now! hehe!

Have a great labor day weekend everyone! And happy birthday to my Bro in law, John!!!


Jennie said...

Love the hair and the letter sachets- what a great idea! So glad to hear kitty is getting better. I think she may need a party hat soon... see my post for today, lol!!

susie said...

I like your hair! be careful of hair dye, they can be toxic. I'm trying to stop coloring/highlighting my hair. I'm afraid to say I don't know my true color, I haven't seen it in decades! I do know judging by the roots it's mostly gray. Glad to hear about the cat. Like the lavendar sachets. I have a book with receipes in it using lavendar for skin care. If interested call me. Love to you and Joe.

Minx's Den said...

thanks jennie! I will head over to your todays post in a minute!!

thanks aunt susie! i know that hair dye is toxic, but the good things is that it's been several years since I have dyed my hair until now, and it's not really all that dry...i may call you soon to learn about skin care and lavender! love you too! joe says hi too!

kim said...

OMG I LOVE the color! Totally sophisticated and glam! You the "Nth" degree. Wow!

Minx's Den said...

hehe glad you like it! i do feel so much more sophisticated!