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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On This Day Part 2

On this day one year ago, was the last day ever setting foot in my grandparent's former house. I must have taken over 200 pictures of every angle in and out of that house. Not a day went by that I didn't think about that place and/or miss it immensely. As I sift through the pics I took, memories flood and spill over in my mind and I just can believe that it's been one year exactly since I have been there. Now all I have are these pictures, pictures of a place I called my second home.

Also on this day 5 years ago, 2 of God's little tiny creatures just sort of fell into my life...this is the great story I wanted to tell you all, on the 29th, I was at home with my family, just suffered the loss of my cat, Contessa and fresh with grief, my aunt Susie calls me and informs me of this ad in the paper, advertising free kittens...So the very next morning on the 30th, I call this number and a lady with a very raspy voice on the other end told me that there were 2 left of the 5, so I told her I was on my way I arrive at this lady's house and she leads me to her back screened in porch and I saw this tiny little tabby kitten dart across the porch. And she darted again and ended up right at my feet (this was Sabrina) and looked up at me and locked eyes with me, I picked her up and (of course checked her backside to see the gender) and I said, I think you and I will do nicely...and then I look up and see this poor little grey kitten sitting in the corner, hanging her head low, thinking that she wasn't going to go home with me, so I walked over to her and picked her up, scoped her out, and told her "don't worry little one, I will take you home too!" so I scooped them both up in a cardboard box and drove them straight home to my parent's house....I walked into my dad's office and my mom and dad were both chatting and they heard some commotion coming from a box, my dad says, "what cha got there, pood?" (pood is my nick name) and i opened it up and 2 little kitty heads pop out..."2 of them?" "yep, something told me to get them both" So later on that day I was browsing the internet for kitty names, and I chose Colette and Sabrina. From that day on, I was to become their "human momma" and raise them into polite young ladies, and that's what they are! So this picture above is the first protrait of the 3 of us together...they were about 6 months old there...

First portrait of me and my Ci-Ci taken on 8/30/06...

First portrait of me and Brie Brie on 8/30/06

Ci-Ci, 5 months old at her first xmas!

Brie Cheese, 5 months of age on xmas 2006!

My Ci-Ci age 18 months

Brie-Brie age 18 months

Ci-Ci, 20 months

Brie-Brie, 20 months

My girls, age 21 months

Me and Ci-Ci on 8/30/11 present day

Me and my Brie Brie on 8/30/11 present day...

God has blessed me with creatures to give my human love to....they say the luckiest animals on earth are the ones who receive human love and companionship.

Also today, I want to say happy birthday to my uncle Randy!


susie said...

Hi Lauren, I would love a picture of the letters joy. I kick myself that I didn't take them done. I even thought about asking the new people if I could retrieve them. Remember, it's not the dwelling but the people inside we love.

Minx's Den said...

well i have all of the pics from the Leland Way house on a CD, so I can redevelop that pic and I can send it to you in the mail...and you are right, it's all about the people in the houses