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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In The News Of Minxden...

Minxden is in a store front! This is my friend, Casey's soap shop and she is letting me display some of my items here and she will try and sell them for me locally! hope this works as I unloaded about 25 pillows on her!

And here are some vintage scrap garland sets! she really thought they would do well in her shop!

And here are some garlands on display in her shop!

I thought, well as long as we are on this vintage route, I unloaded several vintage fabric pillows to see if I can get rid of them there. Don't worry, I still have several more in my etsy shop too! But I think she did a great job displaying my items!

Since the last several days have really been awful, I have been shutting myself up in my house, creating away, making a few knick knacks for myself, I think I really needed it. My next huge project involves this vintage pillowcase I found in my home town's goodwill, no hints! you will have to be surprised!

Made 3 more lavender sachets only this time used leftover vintage fabric squares from when I was making my quilt...

Finished some more hoops too, love them all! Ok, earlier in this post I said I was having an awful week? well, awful it was indeed! my cat had a relapse of her vomiting, so took her in to get blood work, and she was then put on prednisone. So for a few days I kept a vigil for her and watched her like a hawk. It was rough, but slowly she started to gain her appetite back, and now it has been a week since she vomited! the prednisone really helps I think, she even gained a couple of pounds! My other cat has been so grumpy and in this foul mood, so I had to deal with that. And 2 days ago, my car has really been having some issues, I have boiled it down to an electrical problem (sometimes it starts, and there are times it decides it does not want to start) I have had everything checked from the ignition switch to the starter to the fuel line to the battery...THEY FOUND NOTHING AND COULDN'T RECREATE THE PROBLEM!! So yeah, I am very leery on driving my car, it could have a day to where it doesn't want to start and I could be stuck clear across town! And- took that assessment test for that job I was applying for, I didn't pass, evidently my "computer skills" were not up to par? whatever.....I have only been dealing with computers more than half my that really made me angry and felt a sense of worthlessness. They wouldn't tell me what part of the assessment I failed at, or what I needed to improve on, or if I failed by a landslide or just barely! So yeah, that's that! a bad week up to today...what else could go wrong if I am at home laying low right? Crap, I probably just jinxed myself, so I just now knocked on wood hopefully Ms. Bad Karma is done with me for at least one day.

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susie said...

The job wasn't meant to be, look for something else. Don't internalize it. Move on, minor set back as Papa would say.