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Monday, August 8, 2011

Progresso Perfecto!

Greetings everyone! The storm has cleared, the sun is out, and I am quilting...

Yes, you heard me right, quilting! I am venturing into the world of quilting and this is the start of my very first quilt, just a simple lap quilt made entirely of vintage fabrics! here are the first 5 rows...need to sew on 6 more!

Sitting next to "Steam Punk", my angry hot headed iron, these rows are awaiting attachment!

Finished the vintage scrap garlands for Casey! oh my how purdy they look!

Just got these beauties in the mail, all the way from Canada!

Monday good day:
1. my friend is dropping by for a visit in about 2 hours!
2. VERY clean house!
3. Awaiting another fabric order (this ones gonna be good)
4. Hubby made me my favorite breakfast this morning!
5. Only 83 degrees today!


Jennie said...

The quilt is looking beautiful, Lauren! How I envy your talent :)

Minx's Den said...

thank you!! i'm sure you could make something like this too! you know many crafting and sewing techniques as well!