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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pink Hair, Yarn, And Such

Good day to you all! What gorgeous weather we have and I finished my newest hoop!

I bet you all don't know what I am planning on making with all of this very color yarn! Oh alright, I guess I will tell....I am planning on making pom poms! I have seen a bunch of these cute pom poms posted on etsy lately, so I got to thinking, I should make some for myself, I may end up posting some in MPD, but we'll see how they turn out first...I found a great tutorial on youtube too!

My babies!

Notice anything different? I got the underside of my hair dyed pink and blonde! I love it! My true colors are showing now! hope you all have a blessed Sunday!


susie said...

I saw a pom-pom Christmas tree in a yarn shop. Thought about making one. Also what about prayer flags with silk and pom-poms? I love the pink hair. I put a feather in mine.

Jennie said...

You found just the right touch for your hoop. Love the pink hair!!

Minx's Den said...

thanks aunt susie! thanks jennie!

Susie-I haven't heard of prayer flags, what are they? you should make some pom-pom decorations for xmas, I am planing to!

jennie-lace always puts the right touch on anything crafty in my opinion!