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Thursday, September 8, 2011

As The Grass Grows, The Grasshopper Scopes Out A Broken Toe...

Sorry for my longer absence, but I am back posting! I have made 3 more sets of these mini letter lavender sachets! 5 sets total posted in MPD!

As I completed my most recent order, I came to a brilliant idea of re-posting some sold pillows (these I do not have on hand but can get the fabric at my 3 local fabric stores at anytime), I charge more for these by adding the price of the one fat quarter onto the base pillow price, this way I always have a huge variety in my shop! hope this works! But these 5 pillows pictured above are going to a dear friend!

Mr. Grasshopper stopped by for a visit, and he was sunning himself, keeping warm on my deck...he had the right idea, so I sat with him for a little while to soak in the rays on this mild day!

I usually suck at growing things (never had the green thumb), but the oat grass for my kitties is growing nicely! just a few more inches, and I will bring this inside for my girls to have a savory greeny treat to munch on! Speaking of cats, Sabrina is doing splendid! her appetite is in full force, and her energy is out of sight crazy!

My Ci-Ci lounging among some of my vintage fabric pillows, she loves them!

My Sabrina sunning herself on one of my windowsills!

BREAKING NEWS! Literally "breaking news" yesterday I stubbed my toe real hard on my bed and heard this sickening crack, and now it's been confirmed by x-ray that my toe is indeed broken! AHHHHH! that's bone number 3 in my body broken (broke my ankle over 6 years ago, and my tailbone over 3 years ago) so now my poor little toe is bruised (very black and blueish) and "clicks" everytime I try to move there isn't much any doctor can do for broken toes, just like tailbones...

in spite of a sore achy toe, everything is great here!

The goodness of lately:
1. sushi for lunch!
2. 2 pillow sales lately
3. Friend gave me some fabric!
4. 9 years as a couple with the hubs as of yesterday!
5. cleaned pillow cases!
6. chicken noodle soup tonight for dinner!


Jennie said...

What a friendly little grasshopper. Sorry to hear about your broken toe- I've heard that taping it to the neighbor toe can reduce the pain. Go easy on the little guy :)

Fallon said...

Oh man I hate stubbing my toe, and then breaking it? Double ouch! Thanks so much for your incredibly sweet comment :) You really made me smile, mostly for noticing Im deeply in love with our Lord. I couldn't think of anyone/thing to love more. One thing that grows my faith daily is reading a least a couple chapters of the bible first thing in the morning as well as getting prayer time in before anything else. It makes all the difference in my day to have that time with God :) God Bless you and your walk with Him ♥