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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back From Dreamland!

I closed my eyes to gray skies, awoke to black skies. (2 hour nap) My 2 cats were asleep next to my body, keeping me warm indeed! They always find their way to my bed and sleep next to me, they are so sweet, they just can't be without their human! I think I know why I was so darn tired, my hubby took me to our favorite restaurants for lunch called "Pho Nyguenn", a Vietnamese place that serves the best fu, a noodle soup with your choice of meat and fixins (I like well done flank steak, whilst my hubs likes bible tripe, soft tendons, crab meat, and dare I say it.....cooked blood chunks.....uuuuhhhhh (shiver) but we like what we like I must say....that stuff fills you up and warms your soul to where one can sleep for days! The Vietnamese Guy that waits on us knows us by name and we really don't need menus, he knows what we like! What a day I must say! Tomorrow and Friday my hubby has those days off, I am looking forward to it! we are seeing the Tron movie this weekend, tomorrow, we volunteered to wrap gifts for the needy children of Lincoln for 3 hours, we volunteer extensively together for various things, or try to at least! I tried to volunteer to help with the special olympics last summer, but I was turned down there were too many that volunteered, that and I was very sick last summer anyway, it worked out for the best....
well now, I am going to fix a light dinner, see what's on netflix, and keep warm and snuggle on the couch with my girl kitties, an end to a great day! Hope y'all have a great evening too!

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