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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Saturday Day

well, haven't had another nosebleed in about 6 hours now....maybe my nose is done? blood in general doesn't scare me, even seeing my own, but if I get a faint taste of it in the back of my throat from a bad nosebleed, nothing makes me any sicker! just this last one wasn't that bad, but the one before (at about 5am) was bad enough I used half a roll of toilet paper before it finally stopped, it lasted 40 minutes, and if it was any longer I would of gone to the ER but corked it up just in time, I have never had nosebleeds like this before...any doctor readers of my blog know what the heck is wrong with me? I don't ever "pick my nose" (some peeps get them by doing just that) I just sit there and blood just gushes out, I have never seen anything like it ever! Like I got shot in the face or something! but here it is, 6 hours nosebleed free, maybe they are getting more sparse? I do look freakishly pale right now, I did lose alot of blood....
I finally got storm windows put into the final 3 windows, it's already noticable warmer in my very old house! The last xmas gift should be delivered today (for my dad) and of course I was planning to make a pillow with little airplanes on it for my dad and wood grain looking pillow for my hubby...
well, I am planning on cleaning my studio today, cleaning out the bird cage and put down fresh newspaper for my boys (parakeets) and maybe nap today.

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