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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting Personal With Minxden

Wanna know a lil bit about the pillow lady? here are some interesting facts about me!
-my worst habit is nail biting....did it since I was about 4 years old!
-my most favorite food has and always will be is fettucine alfredo! (my auntie made it for me at my bridal shower in honor of me!)
-I am not too fond of ice cream, but i do savor peppermint ice cream thoroughly during the holidays, and the occasional heath blizzard at dairy queen.
-I was teased alot in school believe it or not!
-I hate physical exercise, but don't mind going for long walks
-by doing the chromatic scale on a concert grand piano in my parent's living room, my best time is 15.3 seconds (all 88 keys)
-by which I have played the piano since I was almost 6 years old.
-I played the violin for over 15 years!
-I can sing very well, but singing in front of others makes me get stage fright
-I am a closeted opera soprano singer (especially in the shower) my own hubby never heard me sing opera style!
-I can impersonate famous singers, like celine dion, whitney houston, even a cheesy impression of britney spears!
-Being a libra, my best love match is a gemini, and of course I married me one! (we are a match made in heaven!)
-wanna know where my shop name, "minxden" came from?? I give that credit to my hubby! he thought of it, not I! "minx" is the pet name he calls me, and "den" is another name for my came the title, minxden! it just rolls off the tongue!
-I believe chintz is never dead!
-I am scared of spiders, snakes, mice, lightning, but my biggest fear is pitch blackness or the dark.
-I could of been a surgeon (doctor) because I can handle blood and guts just fine! the only reason why I am not is because of the risk of someone dying on my table, I can't handle death, even with strangers.
-I want to bungee jump or do some kind of death defying stunt before I kick the bucket!
-I can speak fluent french!
-the next language I would like to learn is maybe Mandarin, or Japanese.
-I love weird Al Yankovic!
-In my house, you will find decor composed of flowers, birds, many colors, and my style is vintage eclectic.
-In my beginner's knitting class I was in, no one believed me when I told them my last name! (It's Knitter, and the K is silent), I had to show some class mates my drivers license just to prove it! then they all just laughed!
-I have no tolerance for stupidity of the mass public.
-My body has been very steadfast and sturdy so far, only broke my right ankle whilst jogging on a treadmill, and have only 2 small scars, (one on the top of my left shoulder caused by a cat, and a tiny one on my chin caused by a mean bunny rabbit when I was six) wow, both caused by animals, not by injury! oh yeah and I am a surgeon virgin! (no surgeries performed on my body)
-I can pop both of my shoulders in and out of place and not feel any pain!
-I have a lazy eye
-Just recently I tried sushi, and love it!!
-The weirdest foods I have ever tried was dried seaweed and chocolate covered crickets!
-I started sewing at the age of 11, my grandma enrolled me and my younger cousin in a summer class together, where I made a pair of shorts and a duffle bag!
-The most precious sewing project I ever did and kept was 7th grade home ec class, my instructor, sister marie kelley helped me with making a pillowcase with french seams, I still have it to this day and the print is the American flags with the first 13 stars on it, That teacher is very dear to me, and learning of her death five years ago by an old classmate tore me apart. That nun was a real neat lady! I know she is very proud of me in heaven, since I dedicated my shop to her (and a few others).
-Me and my 2 girl kitties share the same birth town (In Kansas)
-My best college friend threw up all over me on my birthday (she was very drunk) but we are still good friends to this day!
-I talk in my sleep (so my hubby says)
-I like watching my hubby play video games
stay tuned for more facts later!


Jennie said...

I loved reading all about you- thanks for this! I just have to know more about the chocolate covered crickets... wha????

Minx's Den said...

yeah crickets! they really have no taste at all....just the texture you have to get past, crunchy!! and the chocolate helps you swallow them down, like those nestle crunch bars i guess!

kansasrose said...

love it...:)

Minx's Den said...

yay!! you are back!! missed you mum mum!!!