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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Imagination Does Indeed Take Flight...

You readers probably couldn't tell, I am just a wee bit obsessed with houses right now! Every other post is about houses. But these I made 3 1/2 years ago in my small little apartment on Osage St. when I lived alone. I was in a huge creative kick just after my grandpa passed away, to deal with grief...Well I am in a huge creative streak now, but no one in my life has passed away recently, (knock on wood no one does soon) but I am in a way going through a different kind of grieving, the recent loss of a house, my grandparent's old house (they moved into another one), but their house was something special to me, I do dream about it less, other than last night, but the dreams have gotten more sparse which is a sign that I am starting to let go. Creating new things, artwork, ornaments, decorations, always has helped me deal with grief, whether it's the loss of a loved one or the loss of a beloved location. One could always tell if I am grieving just by looking at my hands, right now I have calluses on my fingers from hand stitching like crazy, and of course, needle prick marks all over my hands and fingers, and band-aids of course. Some people don't understand why some grieve over lost houses or special's hard to describe, it's not like the death of a loved one though, trust me I know what that's like, I lost 3 loved ones in the span of only 3 months (starting in January 2007) that grief was something that took years to get over, it will be 4 years now next month, February, and March, I still feel bad, but the time has helped and healed. Losing my grandparent's house was tough to deal with, I would cry and hurt when I move out of my own current house, and the dreaded day when my parents leave their house, probably being in my 50's I would be helping my parents pack and moving them into a smaller more efficient house just as my mom did last summer, that will be very rough for me losing my parent's house someday...I grew up there. So many memories. A human heart alwaysloves so deeply, and a human heart will always break. Making these little houses helps me, I am creating something from the dephs of my mind, beautiful little houses, in houses is where my heart is, I will have to plant my heart into my grandparent's new house, my heart was in the apartments I lived in (In Manhattan), and here, in Lincoln in my little old blue house, in my parent's house where I grew up, and in all those little houses I made. My heart is spread into several locations in 2 states.

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