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Friday, December 10, 2010

More Pillow Lady Facts!!

-I refuse to eat french dip sandwiches with au jus because one time whilst working a night shift at a restaurant (waitressing) I went on my break and had au jus french dip sandwich with fries, later that night when i got home, I got the stomach flu and threw up everything i ate that night...that was 5 years ago this month and I never ate a single french dip sandwich ever again, it took me 9 months to stomach fries again too...
-I love huge kosher dill pickles, there is a restaurant in downtown Lincoln that sell huge kosher dills! (called "Pickelman's")
-My cats have a wide variety of foods in their diet...Sabrina like bacon, deli meats, and cream of wheat, while Colette likes a dollup of plain yogurt, plain lettuce, and tapioca pudding...
-My hubby and I like to watch hell's kitchen, glee, conan, & house.
-To relax, my hubby and I go antiquing!
-Lincoln has a soda pop shop called "rocket fizz", another one of our favorite hang out spots!
-My favorite soda is ramune sangria japanese soda. (I am drinking one right now while typing this!)
-I am a big fan of Anthony Bourdain, he reminds me of my husband.
-My hubby is one hell of a cook!
-I live for decorating!
-I lived my whole life within tornado alley, but have never actually seen a tornado, (I have heard one though at night! they sound like jet turbine engines right next to you!)
-I haven't had my first kiss until the age of 19, and yes, my hubby was the one who holds the honor of kissing my lips first!
-I actually got sick on my wedding night! (what a bummer) on my 1st year anniversary, got sick again, (really?) and just this last june on the day of my 2nd anniversary, When I woke up, I was headed downstairs to use the bathroom, I fell down my real narrow carpeted stairs on my rear end, hurt my tail bone, and slid almost all the way down (ripping my undies completely off!) what luck huh?
-I live right next to train tracks, and I am so used to them now, I dont hear them!
-My body temp never stays constant, I am either too hot or too cold...
-I am very allergic to blueberries!
-I love anything related to or referring to beatrix potter's the tale of peter rabbit.
-If I ever get a male kitten I already came up with his name...."Christopherson".
-I drool over Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic line!
-I also drool over Amy Butler Fabrics!
-My dream job is to open a little shop in Lincoln with fabrics, crafting supplies, my finished projects for sale and open courses in crafting!
-As a kid, I collected trolls, petite ponies, polly pockets, barbies, and mini fugurines
more facts at a later time!!!

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