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Monday, December 6, 2010

Manic Monday

My hubby is fixin to go and take his A+ Certification Test (for his work) in about an hour, I hope and pray he does great! He already passed the actual course with an A, so his test should be taken with ease! As for me, the franticness of Christmas is finally here. I cant believe it's already less than 3 weeks away! We still have to get a few more gifts, my hubby is planning on ordering a nice pocket knife for his father in law (my dad), hopefully it's the right gift to give him....My dad gave my hub and I a lot of pork meat free of charge last summer (meat from my dad's "former" boar) and Joe (my hubby) wanted to give him something nice for xmas, well, I am making my mom something special, and he is getting this very nice pocket knife for my dad, his way of saying thank you. But the stress of xmas is here anyhow, now with the added bonus of traveling out of state, hoping the weather is for us, not against us. Anyhow, my grandpa also passed away 4 years ago come Jan. 2nd, I will say, time does heal grief, I don't feel as bad anymore, but I still miss my gramps. I did get 2 pies reserved for xmas, and I seem to have been doing well with my big boot, maneuvering better with it, but it's still a pain!
For self soothing, I am continuing on making my house (maison) fabric ornaments and pillows, a scoop of peppermint ice cream every afternoon, and watching old xmas movies too, thats how I get by in the days of stressful xmas times. It will be good once it's all overwith and come Jan 7th my boot shall be coming off and I can be totally independent again!

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