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Monday, February 14, 2011


This post reflects on all that I love....Of course the top of my list are my family, friends, and my highly faithful pets...
But some nice add-ons are in order, lets start with birds and kitties. My mom has always had pet birds, preferably parakeets in her home, from the time of my birth until this present day, she still has bird friends living in her house with do I. Birds have always been a comfort and a great joy too, as I am hearing my boys (parakeets) chirp happily downstairs right at this hubby even had a lovebird named "Sparks", he was a sweet little fella, full of personality, but sadly died from a carbon monoxide leak in my hubby's townhome...I also reflect on my beloved parakeet named "Gary" truly unique bird who died several years back while I was in college. Ahhhhh kitties.....I couldn't live without them in my life...I have 2 sweet girl kitties, litter mates (sisters) whom I adore so much! They keep my life very interesting for sure! Growing up on a little farm in Kansas, cats were everywhere! constantly I would be surrounded by mewing tiny kittens, sometimes up to 12 at a time!

Knitting......Mrs. Knitter can finally knit!! (haha) that is my last name by the way!
A very funny cliche! I took up knitting last June, and I really took to it I must say!

Flowers....I love all kinds, whether they are outside bathing in the sunlight and rain, or my plastic flower cabochons inside my house....they are all gifts from God.

My youngest hobby......making house (maisons) pillows, I love doing it so much, I have about a dozen pictured here awaiting assembly!

Buntings and pillows! of course my pillows have not only brightened up my home and others' homes, but have been my meal ticket! :) Buntings just make me giggle, laugh hysterically when I see them waving in the wind....I guess buntings take me back to a memory, it's a good memory, but makes me sad thinking of it, my grandparents had a former house with a pool, my papa would hang some buntings back there, to "scare" the birds away from pooping in his (it didn't work by the way) but the birds kept landing on the bunting, singing, watching me swim on those hot Kansas summers....but buntings always gives me smiles....thats why they are everywhere in my house...

Of course fabrics I love....I could create without them!

I heart you......Ci-Ci!

And I heart you....Brie-Brie!

And I heart my Knitty Kitty Tiger Joseph.

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Jennie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Lauren :)