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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Grandma, A Groundhog, And Moda Time!!

Happy Birthday to My grandmother, Lillian, or whom I like to call, "Nonie"...she is one of many very dear ladies in my life, one awesome grandma, a classy lady, (you don't tell lies or even dare to drop the F-Bomb in front of her!) lol she turns 78 years young today on this groundhog day! (we are 50 years apart) she loves every birthday that is granted to her, we talk for hours on the phone, alot of people tell me that I act in many similar ways to her, we both have the crafty ways, she has taught me many things that I know in life and crafting today! Even now at 78, she is a very beautiful lady, she never believes me when I say it, but she is! I was the one human being that gave her the title of being a grandmother 28 years ago last october, and to this day, she lives up to that title perfectly and I am proud to have her as my nonie, my grandma! I love you Nonie! hope your day is super special, it belongs to only you!!!

In honor of my Nonie, I quickly whipped up this cheeky skinny house pillow this morning early and bleak! I call it "Nonie's World"...

A various shot of a studio detail item!! my mom made this collage some years ago and gave it to me! I love it, I look at it every morning before I start a new craft, and it asks me that same age old question...."What will you do?"

MMMMMM.....More scrumptious vintage fabrics arrived today! what will I do now?

Another quick sew.....a new vintage fabric pillow will be posted in Minxden after a bit...

This was the result of my one yard wonder project....A PILLOWCASE! I now rest my head on it when indulging myself into netflix movies!

Do any of your readers thoroughly enjoy moda fabrics as much as I do??? well the newest collection has seduced me in every way one can imagine...I bought the charm pack today and wow, what insanely beautiful bright colors it has! shhhhh! don't tell my hubby, but I seem to have an affair with this fabric! lol hope your groundhog day is great, and what a groundhog day it is!!! for those of you who don't know Punxsutawney Phil's prediction is "here ye, here ye, here ye!!! he did not see his shadow....spring is just around the corner!!" that's something I like to hear, spring cometh early this year!!!!


Jennie said...

Happy Birthday, Nonie!!
The moda fabric is very enticing to me too :)
As for the groundhog- I hate to be negative, but I'm in a wait and see mode at this point--- I think I'm in some sort of weather shock!

Minx's Den said...

well I will be very hopeful on spring arriving early, it may not look like it right now for the both of us, but let's just call it wishful