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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Old And New

Just posted this dainty pillow in minxden, now I can stand to part with this one, since I have some more fabric just like this in my stash anyway! I call it "Mom's Rose Garden Vintage Fabric Pillow..." chic huh? I likey!

All of these came in last night!!! 14 beautiful vintage fabric fat quarters! That means more projects ahead!! can I get a woot woot?!

As I was filtering through some pictures in my 160 gig hard drive, I came across this lovely one time, I was over run by friendly chrysanthemum cabochons. Some I sold, but most I kept and are now resting in a jar. I collect cabochons of many kinds, haven't bought any for a while, there are so many I want to get my paws on! I decided to keep this picture afterall.....I love it!

My most favorite etsy sale....a birthday cake cabochon ring!
Hope your Tuesday brought many joys to you, my readers!

What made me smile today:
1. First day of my new job went great, they gave me alot of hours for this week already!
2 Got 4 huge cans of my favorite fruit drink today after a hard rewarding day at work!
3. Got my huge 15 fat quarter order in the mail last night!
4. Ordered an awesome stash of vintage scraps for a very low price!
5. My hubby may come home early from work tonight!
6. Finally folded my huge pile of laundry!


Mama Pants said...

It would make me smile if you would come fold my laundry! Glad your first day went well.

Jennie said...

Congrats on getting through the dreaded first day of work- it's always tough to start a new routine. I hope you love it and the people you work with. Did you say where you are working? If it's a secret, don't mind me...

Joseph said...

I won't say where I am working just cause this is all posted online and I do want to keep a few details in my life and talk about a new routine! I work crazy hours, days and nights! and mama pants, if I fold your laundry, you would have to pay me dearly since it's my least favorite chore! lol

Minx's Den said...

oops, haha! "joseph" is my hubby's account and i didn't realize he was signed in! lol