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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bad Morning But Good Day

Even I have my bad mornings, I am currently typing away whilst my left foot is elevated with an almost melted pack of ice, yes....I injured myself at work, but no worries, I shall be in tip top shape for my shift tomorrow afternoon, my boss was real cool about it, and made sure I would be ok, no trips to the doctor or anything like that, I don't even think it's necessary at goin home 3 hours early, I decided to check my etsy site for any emails/sales pending that sort of thing, well I did get an email, but this email was from a very dissatisfied customer who also decided to insult my work and insult me in 3 different ways, wow. Well I am pretty sure she will leave a couple of negative feedbacks, but honestly I really don't care so much about that anymore...I mean i currently have 691 positive feedbacks, that's alot! and currently have 419 orders or 419 customers, and to date I only have 2 customers who have not been pleasant. But I highly treasure the 417 customers who have given me my endless support, many of them have returned on multiple visits, some several visits! And not only the customers are great, but my hubby is my number one fan, he always has my back! I have my blog readers who truly understand it all and I have their support too! But things turned around starting this afternoon, things are better, my left ankle is feeling better, life is indeed good!

Newest patchwork pillow in pink tones!

My babies!

What turned my frown upside down:
1. A yummy cupcake!
2. Finished a pink toned patchwork pillow!
3. Hubby is making me a yummy healthy pasta salad
4. The weather is gorgeous!!!!! (even better tomorrow!)


A bird in the hand said...

Love love love that pillow. I'm glad you're doing patchwork ones now.

Customers can be dissatisfied without being rude and insulting. Since this one is rude and insulting, she DOES NOT MATTER.


Jennie said...

Well, now. That DOES sound like a poopy morning! I can't imagine why someone would think it is ok to be just downright mean. There's never a call for that! I'm glad things have turned around for you today- that pillow is GORGEOUS!!!

Minx's Den said...

thank you colette, yes it's one thing if a customer is not satisfied but is willing to be civil about it, but this person was just downright mean!
thanks jennie! patchwork is my new found love!!!