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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Creatures And Patchwork

Remember a short while ago I said that my hubby bought me a couple of charm packs from amy butler fabrics? well, once they arrived in the mail I set right to work on sewing them harmoniously together...and I finished both of them! one has 5 inch squares, the other is composed of 4 inchers! Ci-Ci was very curious indeed, as I hung them up to photograph them, she lept up on my chaise lounge and sniffed them out...what a stinker! I love her, and my handy work! This one has the 5 inch squares...

And this one would be the 4 inch I am still unsure whether to use these to make into pillows, or just simply turn both of them into hanging wall quilties...maybe you can help me decide?

My hanging neighborhood....

My Ci-Ci scoping out my new patchwork project...

My Sabrina comfortably resting on my bedroom floor...

My silly can tell obviously they aren't too smitten with my digital camera as they hook onto the back of their cage...

What's makin my day shiny and bright:
1. 72 degrees expected for my town today!
2. Have today and tomorrow off! woot!
3. Looking forward to watching "The Quiet Man" tomorrow for St. Patty's!
4. Also looking forward to receiving 3 vintage fabric orders in the mail!
5. A bike ride is in order for today!
6. I get to break out my bohemian maxi dresses finally!! (my favorite things to wear!)

Have a great day y'all!!!!

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Isa said...

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