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Monday, March 7, 2011

What Comes In Pairs?

Clone made a new friend! my pink birdie drops her head and quietly whispers to her new found friend...I am glad I kept Clone, her personality sure pops out at ya!

Everything I own seems to be in pairs! I have noticed a trend in my photos that I usually take pics of things side by side or I have two of almost everything! These are 2 ty plushies that used to belong to my grandma Nonie, she gave these to me last summer before she moved. They watch over me and hubby as we sleep...

What good came of today:
1. Had a great shift at work!
2. Enjoyed a nice lunch by myself at Panera after my shift was over.
3. Made 2 pillow orders today!
4. Posted 2 vintage fabric pillows in my minxden shop.
5. Just got my awesome HUGE vintage fabric scrap order in the mail this evening!!! yippee!!


Mama Pants said...

I love your positive attitude, you are a glass half full kinda girl. Glad you like your job.

Minx's Den said...

hehe thanks! I try to be as positive as possible, even to the point of it being "a bit much"