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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Pillow: Blue And Happy!

As Vivaldi plays for me, I sew for me! I whipped up this blue/green/purple patchwork pillow today, and I am so pleased with it!!! This one I will be keeping, unless someone offers me a solid price, I could probably part with I am starting on a pink one....oh boy here we go again! hahaha!

What's making me not blue, but happy today!
1. Starting on my 3rd patchwork pillow!
2. Hubby took a personal day since I have today off!
3. made a 3 pillow sale today, going to Colorado!
4. Hubby took me out to Greta's today for a yummy brie cheese grilled cheese sandwich!
5. Lent starts today!


Jennie said...

I'm loving the patchwork, Lauren! You go girl :)

Minx's Den said...

hehehe thanks!!!!!!!

A bird in the hand said...

How to let it go: Make more!! I love your patchwork.

I'm partial to Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

I realized it was Ash Wednesday only because some people had smudges on their foreheads...


Minx's Den said...

thanks colette, and I already started on my third and fourth patchwork pillows! I am on a roll! but tonight I have to quit early since I have to be at work 6 in the morning....ugh!

Mama Pants said...

Nice to be on first name basis! I am so sorry about the experience you had on etsy. I know that your pillows are almost like children to you, and nothing is worse when someone attacks your kids. I don't understand people who have to tear you apart to express displeasure. I stopped selling on eBay because of that, I had someone verbally abuse me for weeks over a sale gone wrong, even though she got her money back, etc. I was 100% positive feedback with 300 transactions, and this one person absolutly ruined it for me. Keep your head up. Your work is beautiful, but most of all it is heartfelt, don't let one person take away the passion, or your pride.

Hope you are feeling better.....


Minx's Den said...

thanks georgia!

what kind words from such a kind lady like you! and you are right, she's just one bad apple in my barrel full of many good apples! I am sorry you had a bad experience on ebay, my mom did too, there are just some really mean people out there I tell ya!