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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Comforts Of Fabrics

While hiding away from the world the last couple of days, I have consulted my fabrics for comfort, and of course extra cuddling time with my husband...These 2 pillows pictured I made from nothing but the finest of vintage fabrics, I figured they would look nice in my living room for when my hubby and I have our dinner party with friends this Thursday...

I also used some hand dyed doilies to embellish one of them...

To you all, this blanket may look pretty ragged, but this blanket has been something very special to me for going on 26 years this summer...back in 1985 on a hot summer afternoon, (I actually remember this being only 2 1/2) my mom and I were in Sears shopping, I found this soft looking blanket, well it was actually formally known as a comforter, I remember seeing it on a bed display with it's bright flowers and cabbage roses, so 1980's, grabbing my attention....(see? even then at only 2 1/2 I loved chintz!) I wanted it very badly, so my mom bought me one and I remember she fluffed it out onto my twin bed and I just fell onto it and felt it's softness from head to toe. That blanket was then named "flowers blankie", and my child like imagination whipped up something so unusual but so blankie had a "voice" more like a high pitched squeal, my first and only voice over work for an inanimate object..."he" also has a huge head, a hand, a foot, and lastly a tail which composes of all 4 corners of the blanket...(this was due to my dad folding him in half and sewing him together since his underside was itchy and ripping apart) so then it was soft on both sides! That blanket has been with me through it all for almost 26 years, while I was sick everytime, I cried countless tears on him, held him when I was scared, felt safe with him during those dangerous Kansas thunderstorms, he traveled with me to several states, took him with me to college, crammed some all nighter study sessions while snuggling with him, brought him into my marriage, my hubby doesn't even mind that I still to this day as a 28 year old woman sleep with him clutched in my arms, he comforted me when I made that big move from Kansas to Nebraska, leaving my home, at least I had my flowers blankie with me, something reminding me of home, even though he hasn't had a "voice" and has been silent for over 15 years, but he is still there. sure he has so many holes, and I have hand stitched patches of foreign fabric to repair those holes, the fabric has faded by being washed hundreds of times, you can barely see the cabbage roses now. He is still my flowers blankie.

Right here you can barely see those roses, bits of dark pink and minty green...but it's still so soft to the touch. These fabrics got me through the weekend and today, good news, my hubby's lump turned out to be a benign cyst and is not cancerous. I thank the lord. It also taught me to hold my marriage even closer to my heart, if it weren't possible beforehand, but this taught me to hold him more, tell him I love you at least 10 more times daily, kiss him more, appreciate him even more than I do now...

What helped me smile again after a few downer days:
1. spent all day with my hubby (had today off)
2. got some chocolates at chocolatier blue
3. made 2 cool pillows last night
4. looking forward towards my dinner party I am throwing for friends Thursday!
5. Maybe getting our first round of severe thunderstorms tonight!

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