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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snowy Spring Days, Warm Thoughts And Ideas

Recently, a new idea had hit me hard. I was wearing this old plain gray t-shirt and felt so know me, I have always hated that feeling of being plain, so I decided to take this shirt off, pin a snipping of vintage floral fabric and sew it on to see if I had improved the look, heck, why not? if it turned out bad, all I have wasted was a ratty 5 year old t shirt that cost no more than probably 5 I sewed and I sewed, and this is what the end result was.....I LIKEY! so I got to keep this shirt afterall now embellished with some cheeky flowers from old bed sheets!

What to do now? so I rummage through my closet, find as many solid tee's as I could ever find (It was like a treasure hunt) and these shirt will be worked on next, all with some sort of vintage fabric applique! So stay tuned! there are 6 shirts awaiting a "facelift", and when I am done with them all, you will see pics of them! woot! I just love new ideas!

And of course, my 4 patchy patchwork pillows sit quietly on my couch that once belonged to my Nonie and Papa...when no one is looking, I take one of those original couch cushions, turn them over, and I can still smell the scent of their former house. One of my silly little habits, my hubby caught me a time or two sniffing the backs of those cushions.

The infamous minxden green chair with a happy pillow sitting atop it.

Lately, I have been coming across old treasures of mine, these are birds on wire I found at the tulip festival in Wamego, KS in April 2009, they are made from the plastic of pop bottles, painted, and their "beaks" are half of a tooth pick! how clever! my cats are very tempted to trot off with them clutched in their mouths, but after several failed attempts by my watchful eyes, they gave up.

My day may be cold, but what made it feel warm!
1. Hubby took me out to get some sushi!
2. Working on sewing more vintage appliques on plain t-shirts!
3. Laundry is done! (nothing to wash at the moment!)
4. cleaned mizz trudy elna today! (my sewing machine)
5. Got our taxes done finally! and getting a nice refund! :)


Mama Pants said...

YEAH YOU, Lauren! I love clothes, and I especially love remade clothes. I wish I could sew, because I have all these "ideas" and no way to bring them to fruition. *Sigh* I see some fantastic fashions coming our way from your mizz trudy elna.

Minx's Den said...

haha i figured you would enjoy this post, georgia! I am posting another shirt tomorrow for sure! I think you would like it!