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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beware The Ides Of March!

Well we now arrive in the middle of March! Spring Equinox is officially 5 days away! woot! I have always love spring, summer even more! but spring is when new beginnings happen, a second chance of anything! you see color, and actually smell the rain, hear the claps of thunder! Kittens are born, birds teach their offspring how to fly, more and more people come out of their homes, in a way we were hibernating.

These were the 2 vintage fabric fat quarters I got in the mail yesterday! Very spring like indeed!

Way back 2 years ago, I think about this particular print, one of my absolute favorites! it's called "Coriander in Pink" from Amy Butler's Belle's been out of print for a while, very hard to find, I had the pleasure of selling 2 pillows from this I found a yard selling for......................................$40.00! wow! is it worth it???? That's one thing I regret when running my minxden shop, I didn't buy more of this fabric, I should of bought several yards, or even a bolt when it was popular...oh well!

This is all I have left....a teeny tiny bird ornament made out of this fabric...

But I still believe that one should work with what you have, and I still have many fabrics! Hope you all have a great Tuesday! I want to take this time and wish my Aunt Susie and Uncle Randy (they are also my Godparents) a happy anniversary, they have been married 31 years as of today!

What gives me that warm feeling today!
1. posted a bunch of pillows in minxden, newbies AND oldies!
2. working on making a huge etsy purchase, 24 VERY RARE Amy Butler's Lotus fabrics!
3. had a great day at work!
4. very nice out again today!!

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