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Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day 2011

Happy St. Patty's! this is a shadow box I made 4 years ago in honor of st. patty's..."In Olde Ireland, a bird flew and sat on a potato." that's what it says around the edges of this box!

My most recent bunch of vintage fat quarters I have received in the last week...they are all so beautiful!

I don't usually have that much green incorporated with anything I make, but since today we honor the green, I whipped up this quirky quiltie with some green in it, reflecting the 1/4th Irish ancestry in me!

So being 1/4th Irish, I need 3/4th's worth of alcohol to truly celebrate this holiday, that and it needs to equal out to 100% anyway, hehehe joking...I only had a couple of beers in the last 6 hours, but today is a good day to relax, drink a couple, good food, the good company of my hubby...and I AM WATCHING THE QUIET MAN WITH JOHN WAYNE AND MAUREEN O'HARA!!! no st. patty's is ever complete without that movie, and it ranks up there in my top 10 favorite movies of all time!

My little lasses celebrating st. patty's day with me!

The modern "Sean Thornton" and "Mary-Kate Danaher" sexy man, my life partner going on 3 years, he says I remind him of the Mary-Kate Danaher character...very stubborn, fiery, and the Irish wavy thick auburn hair...My hubby is my John Wayne, patient, VERY TALL, has his occasional cigar or pipe tobacco, calls me "WOMAN OF THE HOUSE!", and of course.......

a quiet man.

What's makin my day better than cabbages and potatoes:
1. got the rest of my fabric orders in today!!!
2. eating steak, cabbage, and potatoes!
4. All day within the company of my hubby, and kitties!


Mama Pants said...

Erin Go Braugh, Ms. Lauren! I love Maureen O'Hara in the Parent Trap, which is probably my favorite movie of all time. Hope you are having an amazing St. Patty's Day! And thank you for the kind words and wishes for Joan. She got up and around yesterday for a bit, but today she has lost some ground again. I think that this going to be long process.

Jennie said...

Happy St. Pat's! Your kitty is looking better- I hope she feels all better, too. My dinner was lots like yours... cabbage, potatoes, and slow cooked corned beef brisket! And a Dundee Stout to wash it all down. Not sure how much Irish I have, but I'm all Irish today :)

A bird in the hand said...

Since you've got Irish in you, I'll tell you. It's not Patty (Patty is a girl's name); it's Paddy!!! From Padraig, which is Irish for Patrick.

Happy st. Paddy's day!!!!

Green kisses.

Minx's Den said...

Georgia-well that's great your friend is starting to come around! I am so glad to hear it! i will keep up those prayers!
jennie-yes ci-ci has done a 180 and feels 100% better and running around my house like a banshee! lol
colette-I had no idea! lol heck my paternal grandmother is 100% Irish ancestry and she never told me that! lol green kisses back to you! hope your "st. paddy's day" was great too! lol