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Friday, March 4, 2011

Trains In The Distance,

I awake to a very dark cloudy grey morning....too dark to take new photos of my wares, so I will leave you with a oldie from my 4 day absence, I have been busy with my new job outside of the will take me a month or two to adjust, since I am still working the minxden thing around my job. To update you all, my job is going great! today I work again and even tomorrow, they are sure giving me lots of hours! let's just say at myAlign Center job, every thursday morning before the sun shows his face, a huge semi full of merchandise arrives and I have to haul everything in! This morning, some muscles I never thought I had hurt like the dickens! I will be dragging my rear end today! After work tonight, I will be meeting the hubs for a late dinner, not sure where yet, it's his turn to pick anyhow. Well, bills need to get paid this morning, breakfast to be made, and a sleepy lazy hubby to be awoken...

Good things that happened recently:
1. made 3 pillow orders in the last 36 hours!
2. still anxiously awaiting for me vintage fabric scrap pack to arrive in the mail!
3. will still have date night tonight even though I work...
4. had fettucine alfredo last night, first time in nearly a year!
5. a bike ride is in order tomorrow with my man!


Chelsea Lane said...

such cute little buttons! I woke up to sun this morning but it quickly turned to clouds ;) have fun bike riding! I LOVE riding my bike!


Minx's Den said...

Actually, it was too cold to ride bikes, so my hubby and I stayed in where it was warm :)