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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nightstandology and I Found Patchwork!

Every lady has her nightstand, it's a very personal space, but we strive to make it as flashy as possible, showing off what seems to be our daily lives coming to a close for the day...of course the number one rule is to never ever look into one's nightstand can also tell of who and what someone is just by looking at the contents atop of a can certainly tell i do some "grooming" before entering dreamland, hence the toenail clippers, and chapstick...

I fell in love again, a new obsession has struck, patchwork....this pillow is my first one made, and turned out great, so instead of keeping it, I have decided to give it to someone (it's a secret) for her birthday coming up in less than a month! I didn't take full pics of it, didn't want to spoil the surprise...

But here is the second one in the works...HAPPY FAT TUESDAY EVERYONE!

What's making me fat and happy today:
1. Started on the 2nd patchwork pillow!
2. hubby made a mardi gras dish full of crawdaddies! yum!
3. only work 4 hours today!
4. ordered a couple of cute vintage fat quarters!!!


kim said...

It turned out excellent! BTW, I love the clock on your nightstand.

Minx's Den said...

hehe thanks! got that my freshman year of college from target i think, very retro looking