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Monday, March 14, 2011

Something New To Look At

Spring has sprung in Minxden!!

I went into one of my local fabric stores and found this lovely cheeky bright pink springy fabric! I thought, "I could turn this into a lovely minxden pillow..." so I did! I call her "Floral Retro Reproduction Pillow". It has a retro look doesn't it? it is a brand new fabric, made into something that looks retro...I sold a pillow not too long ago that was fabric from the 1930's reproduction collection, LOVE IT! I will be working on more pillows tonight, my inventory is getting to be on the low side...and more pillow goodies will be posted tomorrow, awaiting to be adopted! Hope you all are having a great Monday! This week is starting out better than last week that's for sure!

What gave my day that extra "umph!"
1. Found some great fabrics to turn into minxden pillows!
2. I got 2 cute Fat Quarters in the mail, and even a free one!
3. My studio is finally clean!
4. The weather is just simply pristine!
5. Sold 7 pillows in the last 24 hours!

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