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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today, I am in my office all day working on a couple of new things to post...Zoe is doing great, she laid egg #3 this morning, Emmett is taking good care of them and Zoe...My hubby is at work, and my cats are sleeping sound in my bed. The sun is out and the day couldn't be more beautiful. I am in my slice of heaven right now...and I even organized my desk! But as I yawn the day away, I am fixin to go to bed early tonight and get some rest...I will update you on little Zoe tomorrow and see if we have egg #4!


Jess said...

Glad your little birdies are doing good!

Hope you rested well

Love, Jess

Super Step-Mom said...

It's raining here in Phoenix! Yucky! But it was 80 degrees yesterday, can't complain about that!

I laughed at your comment to me about 80's music! I could be your Mom! Tee Hee

Have a wonderful day!