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Friday, January 16, 2009

Trouble In The Neighborhood!

A couple of hours ago at 2:45am, I suddenly awoke to sirens...I thought, oh, just a cop pulling some college drunk kid over...then I heard another siren, and another, AND ANOTHER! I thought, something's up, so I got out of bed and looked outside and saw like 3 fire trucks, and I looked right across the street, and I saw smoke! The apartment complex right across the street from me was on fire! I could see an orange glow and so much think black smoke! By the time 3:45am hit, there was bout 10 fire trucks, half a dozen EMS's, at least a dozen cop crown vics, and about half a dozen more other type emergency vehicles. Even right now at nearly 5:00am, there's still a medley of flashing lights outside, I don't think they are having any luck fighting this fire...I noticed that it spread really fast. I sure hope no one was hurt!


kansasrose said...

omg! Praise God you and Joe are okay! That is so sad and frightening! Someone was trying to stay warm in this bitter cold...possibly a space heater may have shorted? I'll hold those people who are affected in my devotions. Maybe there is a fund being set up for donations to help these people. Please let me know honey, I'd like to donate.

Love you, Mom

Jess said...

Praising Him for your safety... and Praying for those people!~

Love, Jess

amelia said...

What a way to be shocked awake!!

This is so sad, I do hope they were all Ok and that everyone got out..

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Ditto what everyone else said. Hope you're safe and warm, and I feel so bad for those who lost their homes and possessions. There's never a good time for a fire, but I think it's worse when it's so brutally cold.

Happy Weekend, Pood! ;o)

Love and hugs,