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Monday, January 19, 2009

Congradulations, It's An Egg!

I came into my office this morning to check on my finches, and I saw Little Zoe sitting in her nest that her mate Emmett built for her the night before...of course seeing me, she slowly got up and hopped out of the nest to eat a little, and low and behold Zoe laid 1 egg so far, it's so tiny and I looked at tired Zoe and I cried happy tears and just felt so happy for her, life is just a miracle...Emmett looks like a proud daddy-to-be birdie. He takes good care of Zoe and he sometimes sits in the nest with her and helps keep her warm and preens her. Sometimes he will take over and sit on the egg to keep it warm while Zoe stretches her wings. Zoe has been very ravenous and she looks disheveled from her hard work laying her egg, it must have happened between 11pm last night and early this morning. I read about female zebra finches and laying their eggs, and they lay at a rate of one per we'll see how many she lays. So in about 3 weeks, Zoe and Emmett will be proud parents!


Jess said...

You sound like me crying all the time... I'm such a cryer... and I'm not pretty at it either!

I need to send you an email... it would make you cry too!

Talk to you later,

Diane@Diane's Place said...

They usually lay anywhere from 2-4 eggs, Pood. That's my experience with them anyway. You don't start counting for incubation until she lays the last egg and they really start sitting on the eggs in earnest.

I hope they do well as first time parents. Sometimes it takes them a couple of times laying and hatching to get it right.

Have a great week!

Love and hugs,