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Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome To The Family, Zoe And Emily!

I now have 2 beautiful female zebra finches! They are so adorable! The grey one is "Zoe" and the white one is "Emily". When my hubby and I got them home, they were a little scared, but by the time I took the picture, they were starting to warm up to me...


kansasrose said...

Zoe and Emily are beautiful! Do they sing or peep all the time? Where did you hang their cage? How did Brie and Cici react?;)

Welcome to the family Z&E!!!

(((love))) mom

amelia said...

They are beautiful but how sad to keep birds who should be free, in cages!
I have an old cockatiel who needed a home and I know birds are bred in captivity and know no other life but I still think it's sad...
We used to have two lovebirds and two budgies but they got old and died and we didn't get more. They are so beautiful.
I mean no offense, please don't take any, it's just my opinion and I should probably just keep my mouth shut!!!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

They're lovely, Pood. I'm sure they'll settle in and make themselves at home in no time.

They're not loud at all, or my Ed isn't. Mama used to call that one chirping call they do, "potlatching". She said it sounded to her like they were saying "potlatch!" ;o)

Enjoy your new feathered friends.

Merry Christmas!



Shirley said...

I think your birds are beautiful. What a wonderful Christmas gift and those are two very lucky little birdies.

kim said...

Auntie Kim says, Hi!!!