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Thursday, December 4, 2008

All The Way From Canada!!!

On my way out to run errands with my hubby, I checked into my mailbox, and there was a wonderful little package waiting patiently for me!!! I squealed (because it's from my dear friend, Colette) and I was so excited to open it! My husband watched attentively as I opened the package, and here are the goodies as follows: VERY colorful mushroom birds, 1 package of mini eggs, 4 big speckled eggs, variety of colorful buttons, large dove, fabric remnant, and best of all...a bird art assemblage piece-which is propped up in one of my hanging empty picture frames...(I have one whole wall in my office that holds nothing but her art that I have collected the last couple of years!) Colette, if you haven't received my package yet, it should be there very soon...Thank you Colette for the wonderful trinkets! Those birds are so very colorful, and when you get my gift, I hope you enjoy it!


A bird in the hand said...

Our packages must have crossed each other. You'rs arrived too. Everything is lovely, but what really, really got me was the tiny felt bird with the special message.
Thank you sweetpea!

kansasrose said...

awww...Libras are such good souls! Lovely goodies hon!

kansasrose said...

Oct 5th Librababes are EXCEPTIONAL i MUST SAY! :) why is it most of my best friends are libras? we are opposite on the chart. :)