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Monday, November 29, 2010

Gray Day

Woke up to a very dark gray sky, but no precipitation in the forecast. Took my husband out to Chinese food, one of our favorite hot spots in Lincoln, he needed some good brain food since he is going to be interviewed for supervisor training, which takes 6 months to go through...I pray he does ok, he was very nervous before leaving for work.....I told him he would do great and that he had nothing to worry about...he got a hair cut this morning, he always looks so different with a hair cut, and he shaved his entire beard off too.....I miss my scruffy hubby, now I have a trimmed clean shaven hubby in my house now.....I have been used to clean shaven men, my dad always had a hair free face, so did both my grandpas, my hubby did for a long time too, but my hub grew out his facial hair for the no-shave November thing, I really didnt mind his beard at all, actually, it was really soft once it got real long. I did take some pictures of his mountain man look. So now the house is empty but my parakeet boys are chirping in their swank little home, and I just got out of the shower and need to get some real clothes on instead of my hubby's bathrobe and get to work knitting my grandma's xmas scarf, and maybe some more felt bird ornaments to post on etsy. Cheers and happy Monday y'all!

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