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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Heavy Sunday

Not feeling too well this evening, the air is heavy and stiff, putting up an invisible barrier, keeping me from walking and moving. The air also feels cold in my house, even though the heat is on, maybe it was something I ate, usually is, cant seem to eat anything these days without some part of my digestive system acting up. Had stuff to do today, forgot a few things at the grocery store, but didnt even leave the house. Didn't get much done around the house either, still have a mountain of laundry to wash and dry, dishes, and the kitchen floor still needs to be mopped. Like I said, today was an epic fail! I did however get my fake evergreen garland up around the top of my wardrobe! Looks real nice! watched a couple of movies whilst laying on my comfy navy blue couch, (it was my grandparents) it still holds the scent of their former home. Well thanksgiving is in 11 days, haven't even got the bird yet, dang I am far behind on everything! I am looking over my hubby's updated resume for him tonight for him to submit in getting a supervisor's position, a very nice pay increase! I took a course in college over resume etiquette, and he has always used that to his advantage! My studio is starting to get messy again, so I have to clean it before it gets to the impossible stage.

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