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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Layed Out

No more of a terrible timing than this week.....the week starting the holiday season, my foot is on "el fritzo" and in almost unbearable pain, well as long as I can keep weight off of it. Right now my only bit of relief when walking is using a cane, that's right.....a cane. Well, my father used a cane in his early 20's when he fell off a building and broke his ankle. So being a few years older than my dad using a cane doesn't make me feel all that bad. I told me hubby today when he bought me a cane, "I bet you didnt expect me to use a cane this early in our marriage..." he just chuckled and told me I am sexy with or without using one. He always makes me feel good about myself. But like I said, it couldn't be at a worse time, the week of thanksgiving, and when i have about 2 dozen pillows to sew and send off.....just my luck I guess. I am seeing a doctor tomorrow and getting my foot x-rayed. I only hope nothing shows up and that my darn foot is just acting up.

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