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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 4 of 45

I am counting down the days till my stupid big boot comes off permanently. I am on day 4 of 45 and already, it sucks. I am in the itching phase, that darn thing itches!!!! even with pants on!!! also the pain is setting in my hips, just as my doc predicted, and the right ankle bone is actually starting to hurt too....(my bad foot is the right one) I am not wearing it when I am off my feet and not walking anywhere, good news is that after 4-5 days, my tendon is no longer having that "grinding" sensation, when my doc told me that you dont feel the grinding, that means my body is hard at work healing the tendon and that's a good sign. I just knocked on wood so maybe my luck wont grow cold. On a side note, my sweet awesome hubby cooked ALL of thanksgiving dinner! he mastered the 40 dollars turkey and it was worth every penny with every bite, we have so much left over! the dressing was great, and the potatoes needed some improvement, but they were still tasty. He also made a cranberry/pear butter for the rolls, that tasted great! My sweet lady kitties are snoozing on my living room couch together, they looks so cute, and they are almost always never more than 2 feet apart from each other. (they are sisters). it's very quiet in my old house again today, as I am all alone with my thoughts and kitties and parakeets, I am fixing to watch some movies in a while, I am going to take more aspirin, and maybe nap for an hour or 2.

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