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Saturday, November 13, 2010

October 5 Girls Finally Unite!!!

Here's Colette and I, posing together. We have had a 4 year friendship maintained over the phone, email, facebook, blogging, and finally we meet in person for the first time! We just gave each other big hugs and just picked up where we left off, nothing awkward! My hubby joined us in our first time in the flesh meeting, had a nice lunch at this place called, "The Twisted Fork" in the Old Market District in Omaha, we talked, laughed, savored yummy red meat from the beef capital of the world! Colette was craving an all American hamburger, comfort food is what she called it, and we treated her to that! It was refreshing talking to her in person, actually looking her eye to eye, having interesting conversations, even my hubby chimed in! The best part was hanging out with her at the Silver Bella Convention at her hotel, actually being her personal assistant for a couple of hours! and looking at countless pieces of her artwork at first hand! (I made a couple of purchases) got to meet many interesting ladies, some of her colleagues, and taking a gander at other vendors too!!! All in all it was a great night, we couldnt stop hugging each other goodbye! Yes, we share the same birthday too, (October 5th) and i think we are kindred spirits!

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