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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Need To Breathe In And Out

Feeling a little nauseous this afternoon, even weak. Not sure why, I took an hour nap with my husband (we nap alot together like jungle cats), woke up feeling almost halfway to death itself. Ever since I have been very ill last summer, I have just been a sitting duck waiting for another relapse of this crud. I started feeling stronger in early September, feeling completely back to normal by my birthday in early October, but this month, I am feeling strange again, I may go back to my doctor and ask him whats up...for the past 2 1/2 weeks, I have been feeling nauseous, almost to the point of vomiting, very VERY fatigued, lots of headaches lately too, and I have been also moody and more emotional than normal...I can sometimes cry at the drop of a hat! my husband is concerned, but the weird thing is, no chest pains, I still have energy and strength, I have been watching my diet too, going for walks, so I know it's shouldn't be another relapse. So what the heck is it??? my body does weird things at all times! gosh you know, I may settle in for another nap in the next half hour, I suddenly became very tired and weary again. Now I can barely keep my eyes open! ok, my body is screaming at me to sleep some more, must obey my body's wishes.

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