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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Great Month Of "Movember"

This post is for the dudes! yes, gentlemen, I mean you all! Ever heard of "Movember"?? it does partake in November, and it's a whole month to where you men need to be aware of the health issues that can reside in the male honor Movember by growing out their beards/moustaches, especially if the men out there are usually clean shaven, like my take the "mo" out of moustache and throw it in place of the"n" for November, and you have "Movember" this movement started officially in 2003, but i saw a huge movement last year, and there is an actual website to this! cool huh? well the last time my hubby shaved any part of his face was on Halloween, and starting November 1st, he would put down his razor and refrain from shaving until December 1st. My hubby is self aware of all health issues in men, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, really any cancer in men. Since last late winter, my hubby implemented a weight loss program for himself, and now in november, he has lost a good 60-70 pounds! he needs new jeans and a belt, his cute manly tooshie is sagging in them, so maybe for an early xmas present, i will take him out to get some newer smaller jeans and a belt! I am so proud of him, he takes good care of himself, he gets regular check ups, he's very hygienic (well he always was), he smells good, and he is now self aware like all men should be!!! (plus, I dont even mind the beard!) i may actually have him keep it! So Ladies reading this, tell your hubbies, boyfriends, fiances, sons, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, great grandfathers, brothers, your dude friends, and fellas, if you are reading this too, take part of "Movember" now!!! it's only the 6th, it's never too late to become self aware of your health and well being! we women cannot survive without you men, we love you fellas!!! you keep us ladies from going crazy on each other! MOVEMBER BABY!!! If you want to learn more about "Movember" go to their awesome website at read on it, and if you can donate for a good cause to help find cures for the cancers that kill many men each year....cancer runs in my hubby's family, and the fact that he is taking real good care of himself now and losing weight lowers his risk!


amelia said...

Wow, that's excellent!! How did he do it? Did he follow a program?

The way he cooks I'd be three hundred plus!!

Minx's Den said...

he just watched what he ate, counted calories, and exercised....nothing really out of the ordinary! we also dont eat out as much either, we cook lots of meals at home!