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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Simple Saturday

With a full belly of savoring a childhood favorite meal (spaghetti with contadina sauce and Parmesan cheese) I am currently watching Frida starring Salma Hayek, one of my new favorite movies. My parakeets "my boys" are chirping loudy to the music from the movie in their beautiful new home. I am currently home alone with nothing but my thoughts and my animals. (the hubby is at work) I will be working on some xmas scarves later on when the night gets cold and I seem to do better when it's cold for some odd reason. At least I finished my sister's scarf, my mom's just finished 2 days ago, my nonie's is about 1/3 done...but these scarves take forever! As any of you avid readers of my blog can tell i have writers block on this post, I can read no feeling in this one, and to those who just started reading my blog posts, sorry for the lack of inspiration. I am just not feeling it today.


kim said...

I love Frida. She is one of my favorite artists.

Minx's Den said...

well its about time you showed up!!! lol i love her art as well! it speaks to me!