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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Goodies From Grandma

Last night, I decided to put all of my precious trinkets out on shelves in my living room for all to see! some vintage/antique and some inherited from family! what's pictured here and above are some teeny tiny figurines from my grandma's cake decoration collection, along with many other things, I inherited practically everything in her cake decorating accessories, the best parts were the figurines! rabbits, ducklings, deer, plastic trains, circus clowns, cherubs, lambs, you name it! most of them were from the late 80's and early 90's even in it's original packaging! i even now have a few of those old fahioned "half barbies" souly made for cakes! kind of goddy, but very apothecary. It's a great addition to my house! I am slowly noticing my style is bright yes, but there is a darker more mature side to my decor, my hubby calls it vintage eclectic with a dark twist. Like I said I like goddy things, very unusual out there stealing the focal point kind of things, I am not a minimalist at all by any means, I am striving for the concept of a sardine can, packing and cluttering everything together. The ol dusty 30's and 40's parlor, now if I lose enough weight, I can start wearing those cute vintage dresses! just my style!

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