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Monday, November 8, 2010

Updated Studio

Ever since I inherited that butcher block table from my papa (Grandpa), it has now been put to a very unusual use since it's meant for the kitchen....I use it upstairs in my studio, I have my rotary board on there and use that surface to cut fabrics and such since I work with alot of fabrics...those cobalt blue metal shelves were originally an ugly brown and they were found unused in my basement, so I took them out side last February, cleaned them and then spray painted them a nice cobalt blue. However, there is a small enclosed room, I call it "the creep show room" down in my basement, and I opened it last month to see if there was anything in there. I expected a mummified body in there as old as my house, but it's just a cluttered dark room with old paint cans, buckets, and even more of those shelves! I may repurpose another set of them, not sure what color choice I would bestow on it. I do need more shelving though, badly. I know my landlord isnt using these at I will use them. Lately I have been in a repurposing kick. That and antiques.

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