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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting Ready For Winter

Well fall is here in Lincoln! I am now going through my 2nd fall season living here and approaching on my 1 year anniversary of my pioneering to a new state. The air is crisp and cool, a big relief from the muggy warm heavy summer air, and a bout of freakishly severe thunderstorms! I am fixing to close up my back door with weather sealant for the next 6 months, and bringing in my swiss chard, watching the grass slowly die off, and the trees yawning by shedding their leaves and blanketing the ground with them....oh no, I have to start raking! arrrrgggg!!
I am making some xmas felted ornaments for my etsy shop, so far have made 6 birds and one set of 3 xmas trees....I have found a new love for felt. I still love fabric, but felt is my pride and joy right now as I start to prepare for the rough snowy coldwinter months ahead,...... why cant humans hibernate too? that would be nice!

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