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Monday, October 4, 2010

Summer Illness

Here's me back in July right at the peak of my illness....I was struck with a very serious illness, well a relapse from strep throat I had back in april...I had an infection in my bloodstream and it spread to my heart and it had enlarged, chronic chest pains, weakness, extreme fatigue, no appetite....and yes, freakishly pale for being the summer months as seen here with my dark circles, I was laid out for almost 2 months, from June to August. I had put my etsy shop an vacation mode frequently, due to me feeling very weak...and then of course my chest pains got worse and worse, ended up at the E.R. one late july evening not being able to breathe and feeling extreme pressure in the left side of my chest, the staff at the hospital treated me like I was having a heart attack, but greatfully, the x-rays, bloodwork, and e.k.g. proved that I wasnt,they even tested for thrombosis (throwing blood clots into the lungs and/or heart which can be fatal) no sign of thrombosis in me! but I was diagnosed with such a condition called chostocodritis. It's an inflammation of the chestwall (ribcage cartilage) the cause is unknown. I still have occasional episodes to where it hurts to breathe and I still can have achy dull aches directly underneath my left breast, but at least it's not constant everyday anymore....was not a fun summer for me...

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