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Friday, January 28, 2011

Frantically Fun Friday

Yesterday was such a good day, (except my poor daddy is sick) :( but anyhow, yesterday my hubs had one of his days off, so we just had to get out of the house, that we did! we went to a new restaurant, well and Irish pub that serves Italian food and the cutest little pizzas I have ever seen! So my hubby and I split a pizza, I got cheese, he likes his meat! THE BEST PIZZA LINCOLN NEBRASKA HAS TO OFFER! Also, afterwards of stuffing our bellies full of pizza and beer, we headed over to the quilting museum and very awesome it was! I even saw a quilt that King Louis XV had when he was a child, it is currently 296 years old!!! wow! When the Mister and I returned home, I checked my mail and low and behold a surprise was awaiting me! My dear friend, Colette sent me this cute parakeet magnet pictured above!! I love my budgie friends, I favorited this item in my etsy favorites, and she got it for me! Thanks Colette! it was on my fridge for about 3 hours, and then I took it upstairs and displayed it on my desk in my studio, I keep so many sweet treasures, from my mom, sis, friends, hubby, anyone special to me!

Can y'all guess which house goes where? I am mailing half of these off to my mom, sis, and a good friend! Got them completed 2 nights ago, along with the scalloped bunting I made for my beloved Nonie (grandmother) for her birthday come next Wednesday, she will be 78 years young! but I didn't think to take a picture of it before mailing it, but it looks great! I know she will love it!!!!

I organized and cleaned my studio not but a week ago, and's messy and disorganized! 8 of those pillows laying on the ground were sold last night, they journey to DC!! including my first vintage fabric one sold! woot!!!!

Looks like one of my tasks today is obviously showing here....and mailing off my first MPD order! But now I leave you for now with my 2 prides and joys! HAVE A FUN FRAZZLED DAZZLED FRIDAY Y'ALL!

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