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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back In Time / The One Fabric

Remember when??? These 2 bird plush friends were created in a very small bedroom in a very small apartment in a college town in Kansas?

I do!!! 2 years ago this month, I scrounged enough dollar bills and change to buy the fabrics used to make these 2 little friends of t'was a time when money was tight, my minxden business was young with very little sales, when I was a newly wed...I thought I had forever lost Mr. Magpie and Miss Rosey in the migration up north to Nebraska, but low and behold I find them sealed airtight in a forgotten box down in my cold brother in law must have put that box and a few others down there without me knowing....Let's see....the last time they saw me was early fall 2009 as I was quickly packing moving to Nebraska, and now, they see me as a more financially secure non newly wed, a little more wise, a little older, a little tougher, (Nebraskan women do have to put up more of a front) with 2 booming etsy businesses, and they realize they now live in a much bigger place, well a house now instead of a teeny tiny apartment. I love it when I come across something out of the blue on a normal ordinary day, something that I thought was gone forever, but we 3 reunited and I brought them upstairs to warm up, dust off, and this is a "remember when" moment! Welcome back Mr. Magpie and Miss Rosey!

The fabric of all fabrics!! Found this great print at hobby lobby whole yard!! can y'all guess what I am planning on doing with a whole yard of that fabric? seriously....guess! I am using the whole yard...

Well, I feel a headache coming on as I type, I may be taking some excedrine to either postpone it, or hopefully prevent it from further development...headaches usually dont stop my creative process...

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