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Monday, January 31, 2011

New Minxden Pillowlets!

Laurel Dots Pillow In Cherry

Twilight Peony Pillow In Amaranth

Delhi Blooms Pillow In Grass

Twilight Peony Pillow In Saffron

Sari Blooms Pillow In Moss

Fuchsia Tree Pillow In Carmine

Temple Doors Pillow In Deep Water

And lastly, Dancing Paisley Pillow In Lemon...
I now have all but one in Amy Butler's newest soul blossoms line, the only one I need to get is the Laurel Dots In Periwinkle, and it's back ordered! arg. These are now all posted in Minxden, I have finished my 1 yard wonder project, I will post a pic of the result to the post office I go delivering about 8 packages! whew! I am going to need my trusty dolly to cart those in since my hubby is going to the gym today! I know I will be going back to the calico house to restock on sold fabrics that I have already sold as pillows...maybe I will drop by the yarn shop and say hi to my knitting friends, grab lunch somewhere, and go to the grocery store, stock up on tidbits before the snow hits! Lots to do today!

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