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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Bright Morning Amongst Fabric Houses

"Midnight Garden English Tudor"

"Springtime At Granny's House"

Indeed the morning is bright, cheery, and silent here in the minxden studio...Created these 2 new fabric houses (Maisons) last night, instead of doing the blanket stitch by hand, I decided that Mizz Trudy Elna would help me with the work, thus taking less time. I figured with these new cluster of houses, I would mix up the vintage fabric and new fabric together...I wanted to make a few more, and also start on some valentine's day themed goodies too, not sure what to do yet though...

As I am typing away, I hear the soft snore coming from my bed....what could it be???? why, it's a hubby! Hubbies are very interesting creatures aren't they? but this one is all mine, and he is sound asleep on a cold bleak sabbath morn.

As my hubby sleeps, my 2 furrbabies are at play...

Another picture of my beloved fabric stash, waiting to be transformed into something wonderful, they are all like ladies in waiting!

And I leave you with another Aqua Dreams Picture, I was there again last night in my dreams, only as a child playing with my mother's old barbie dolls sitting on that soft deep teal carpet...may all my followers and readers have a blessed sunday.


kansasrose said...

tears...sigh. keep these pics, i didn't take any, it was too hard.

Minx's Den said...

i have about 200-300 pics taken, I am planning on copying them to some CD's, that way I could develope them at a later time and put them into an album, I can make you a CD's pretty inexpensive to do that, like 5 bucks each, I am not quite ready to make an album just yet, but the pictures are great though...just let me know when you are ready to obtain a copy of a CD with those you mom!