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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's this? 2 cute lil mushroom birdies found their way into that small teeny tiny orange cage!

A small little project I did yesterday, these 3 birdie figurines were awful dreadful colors, so I bought spray paint and gave all 3 a new fresh more mod look! the blue one was a pheasant, with chipped paint all over it, so for only 2 bucks and a small can of fresh spray paint, he looks like he came from a high end store! the other 2 were buys from hobby lobby and pier one, thought they deserved a make over too! Ok, now what else can I spray paint????

My "Grey Rollie Pollie"

And My "Brie Cheese"....meow! purr!!! have a blessed sunday my readers! I will be doing more projects to post in MPD, cold front came through, now time to break out my heavy knitted socks and throw blankies!

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